CMJ Premieres "Sleigh Ride" (feat. Abi Rose)

CMJ is premiering "Sleigh Ride" (feat. Abi Rose) off our debut album, Lit Up!

"Doing a Christmas album is often a crass, opportunist affair. Beiber, Gaga, even Bob Dylan—we don’t really care that you can do “White Christmas” or whatever, again. Doing a Christmas album as your debut album though seems almost ballsy. And when you’re smooth, dub-flecked, neo-jazzbos like Astrocolor, a mostly instrumental holiday revapimg seems like an excellent idea.

This premiere of the Victora, BC band’s smokey take on “Sleigh Ride,” featuring Canadian chanteuse Abi Rose, is a fine example of making something bearably new out of something annoyingly ingrained. Makes you want to bring the rest of their 10-song Christmas collection, Lit Up, along to that Xmas Eve party so you don’t have to hear “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” again."

Watch, read and listen here: