Lit Up


Lit Up is Astrocolor’s celebrated experimental holiday album.

“Astrocolor do for the Christmas album what a collaboration between Massive Attack and St Germain may have done: give it beats, a loping groove and the space of dub to create a soundtrack for kicking back.” The Arts Desk (UK)

“Astrocolor have approached Christmas classics with a sensibility inspired by the jazzman Stan Getz, French electronica acts such as Air, and even trip-hop. It’s spacey, dubby, jazzy background/foreground music.” The Sunday Times (UK)

“Let It Snow could be an outtake from Air’s Moon Safari, and Sugar Plums feels like St. Germain remixing U2...Beard-strokingly cool.” UNCUT (UK)

"Ethereal joy. Straddling relaxed jazz, funky electronics, vaguely psychedelic rock and spatial dub, Lit Up is the best present you could wish for this year.” Clash (UK)

“2015’s most tasteful Christmas album.” Q (UK)

"A seasonal album for all seasons.” Analogue Magazine (Canada)

Find the music at any time of year on Spotify, iTunes, and Google PlayBuy the limited edition vinyl at the Last Gang Store.